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25th Anniversary Leinster Printmaking Studio

15th - 26th April 2024

The Leinster Printmaking Studio's 25th Anniversary Exhibition 'Echos' is on display at Naas Library from April 15th - 26th.

Included in the exhibtion are two prints by Mary McGrath entitled Ecolocation I and Ecolocation II.

For more information visit Leinster Printmaking Studio and to view the opening hours visit Naas Library.

‘Ecolocation II’ by Mary McGrath. Etching with Akua Ink, 25 x 35cms

Recent Exhibitions


"Unravelling an Icon, Celebrating and Remembering Brigid and her Legacy"

27th January - 18th February 2024

Kildare Town has been transformed into an open air art gallery, with more than twenty local businesses exhibiting 60 works of international and national art in their windows, as part of the Brigid 1500 celebrations in the New Year.

This uniquely accessible art exhibition, titled 'Unravelling an Icon, Celebrating and Remembering Brigid and her Legacy', has been organised by Sult Artists. Reflecting the traditions, customs and symbols associated with Brigid’s legacy, the exhibition will mark the 1500th anniversary of her death in February 2024.

Mary McGrath's piece for the exhibition, entitled ‘The Miracle of the Cloak and other scenes from the Life of Brigid of Kildare’, is in the form of an altar triptych. These three-panel artworks were used to tell a story and were a popular format for altar paintings from the Middle Ages upwards. Mary has created it using the traditional methods for this format - egg tempera and casein on panel with gesso and gold leaf.

The free Brigid 1500 Art Trail in Kildare town will be launched at 4pm on Saturday 27 January and will run from 28 January to 18 February 2024.

‘The Miracle of the Cloak and other scenes from the Life of Brigid of Kildare’ by Mary McGrath.



30th September - 21st October 2023

Kilcock Art Gallery was delighted to host Mary McGrath's solo exhibition entitled "Endangered!", which ran from the 30th September to the 21st October 2023.

"My passion for biodiversity and conservation of our natural world continues to imbue my work. My art is an attempt to highlight nature’s beauty, the importance of retaining and encouraging wildlife habitats and what can be lost if we don’t."
Mary McGrath

Blacktailed Godwits, Oil on Canvas, 50X60cms by Mary McGrath, for the forthcoming solo exhibition "Endangered" at the Kilcock Art Gallery from 30th September 2023.

For more information on "Endangered!" and to view the full catalogue of works for sale, please visit the Kilcock Art Gallery website and follow us on Instagram

Kilcock Art Gallery, School St. Kilcock, Co. Kildare, W23E5R5

'Endangered!' was opened by Irish biologist, environmental consultant and educator Éanna Ní Lamhna.

Hear the call of the corncrake, curlew and puffin


Corncrake (detail), Watercolour, 42X30cms


Curlew (detail), Oil on Canvas, 50X60cms


Puffin (detail), Oil on Canvas, 60X50cms


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News & Press

Kildare Town will become an open air art gallery to celebrate Brigid 1500

Kildare town will transform into an open air art gallery, when more than 20 local businesses will exhibit 60 works of international and national art in their windows as part of the Brigid 1500 celebrations in the new year.... Kildare Nationalist, 22.12.23 - View article

PARROT Mouth: Protecting our Native Breeds Through Art

An exhibition in Kilcock, Co Kildare, aims to raise awareness of the need to protect Ireland’s wonderful ecosystem... The Irish Field, 29.09.23 - View article

Interview: Kildare artist Mary McGrath on a life in art and her new solo exhibition

A project organised by a group of multidisciplinary Kildare artists is among the endeavours that will mark Brigid 1500 next year. ... Kildare Nationalist, 12.10.23 - View article

Local artist's exhibition calls for appreciation of nature

An exhibition of paintings and original prints by Rosetown-based artist Mary McGrath will focus on vulnerable biodiversity in Ireland, writes Brian Byrne ... Kilcullen Diary, 24.09.23 - View article

KFM: Kildare Focus Interview (0:30 mins)

Interview with Mary McGrath about the inspiration for her upcoming interview 'Endangered!' opening on 30th September 2023 at the Kilcock Art Gallery, Kildare ... KFM, 22.09.23 - View article

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About the artist

Mary McGrath trained originally as an Art Conservator at the Courtauld Institute, London University and at the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University. She has worked in England, France, Italy and the United States. In Ireland she has worked for the Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Hugh Lane Gallery and the National Gallery of Ireland and for many other institutional and private clients.

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